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An Amateur Motorsport Team

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Insanity Racing
An amateur Cross Country Motor-sport team.

Cross Country or Safari+  This is rallying with a difference.
Going flat out along a gravel track, braking hard and turning into a forest firebreak with the car launching into the sky over the rough terrain.
This is a website is about how we as a small family group purchased an old race
prepared car and started racing at cross country safari events, subsequently we built our own new car from the ground up.  
How we get on and the subsequent repairs and modifications we have made since are recorded on this website with many pictures throughout, including lessons learnt and some of the mistakes.
We have found that Cross Country Motorsport has some of the friendliest and most helpful people you could ever hope to meet, lending help, donating parts and giving advice as needed to keep a competitor running.
We would also like to thank all the volunteers that give their time to set up, run and marshal theses events!
Without these very important and dedicated people we would be unable to race.
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