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Picture Gallery 2022

In  many cases below there are many more pictures than shown on the page,  if you hover the pointer over the pictures a small scroll control will  show in the bottom right hand side of the screen allowing you to display  more pictures, or just double click an image and use the left right  scroll feature.
Insanity Too
AWDC (All Wheel Drive Club) 2022 season
The British Cross Country Championship is not happening this year, so we have decided to join in the fun with the All Wheel Drive Club instead for what I am sure will be a fun and interesting year.
AWDC 2022 Round 1
(The first of the 2022 season)
Walters Arena, South Wales

Not  a very good start to our first year racing with AWDC. On run two we hit  something on the offside breaking the stub axel, but we did not know  that was what had happened so kept driving, the brakes were very spongy  and the steering a little vague we were still making good progress.  Later in the stage it became apparent that something was getting worse, as the car became more and more difficult to drive. Then finally without  warning the car spins out of a corner and comes to a stop. We are able  to get out of the corner and park up, however, the transmission is making  some horrible noises. (see  here for the details of what happens)
AWDC 2022 Round 3
Ebbw Vale, South Wales.
AWDC 2022 Round 4
Minehead, Somerset.
AWDC Round 6 2022
Tiverton Devon

Not a day to be proud of;
First  car into stage at the start of the day, going off almost immediately,  then ending the day early after going into a depression very hard bursting the oil cooler.
AWDC Round 7 2022
AJS 100 Walters Arena South Wales

Another bad weekend.
Having  only just managed to obtain and fit a replacement oil cooler days  before the event, on the third run of day one we damage an oil union and  typically not one we carry a spare of. Having dumped almost all of the  engine oil around the last 1/3rd of the stage we escape damaging the  engine probably by a matter of seconds!
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