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Picture Gallery 2023

In  many cases below there are many more pictures than shown on the page,  if you hover the pointer over the pictures a small scroll control will  show in the bottom right hand side of the screen allowing you to display  more pictures, or just double click an image and use the left right  scroll feature.
Insanity Too
AWDC (All Wheel Drive Club) 2024 season

AWDC 2024 Round 1
(The first event of the 2024 season)
Walters Arena, South Wales

Another season racing with AWDC, back at Walters in South Wales. New car number "17" this year
We where taking things a little  bit "easy" for this event as we are running in another new engine. The day started out with the course wet and slippery. The first third of the course is quite technical and rough, the middle section however is long flat-out tracks. the whole course was exciting and a joy to compete on.
As things turn out due to an incident there where only four runs for the day, we completed all four runs without any significant incidents and the car goes back on the trailer with no significant damage.
AWDC 2024 Round 3
(The third round of the 2024 season)
Ebbw Vale, South Wales

We where planning to continue to take things relatively easy again for this event as we are still running in another new engine.
A hot sunny weekend and a really good challenging course set out we where really looking forward to this event.
the first two runs started out quite well. however at some point, probably going deep through the muddy puddle at junction 3 we damaged the radiator cooling fan.  On run three the engine started to overheat so we decided to stop mid stage to let things cool down a bit before continuing on a little more consciously. we where able to borrow a fan assembly from the team running car 14. Although this enabled us to keep running for the rest of the event a slightly less efficient fan and the hot temperatures meant we needed to manage the engine a little bit.
On one run on the second half of the stage there is a "straight" that had some farm debris to the left hand side of the track, normally I have been steering around this, however on this particular run I clipped the edge of this, the car started to go sideways at high speed! after a bit of a tank slapper moment we did continue, but thereafter I avoided this and kept well clear.
I am sure its not supposed to look like this!
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