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Introducing Insanity Too

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Firstly why "Insanity Too"?
It's a little obvious really,
  • It's my second car, (number 2)
  • I am still questioning if building this or any race car is equally insane as buying the first car, especially as the costs build up, even for a relatively low cost build like this!
  • It continues the theme of the team name.
This car is based on a shortened Discovery 1 chassis and running gear with the engine and gear box moved backwards in the chassis.
I had decided to go down this route as I had a very good chassis from a scrap car I purchased for spares, it meant I could easily recover a lot of parts from the first car and it meant I would be using many standard Land Rover parts that are relatively cheap and easy to source.
The roll-over protection and body panels are supplied by Tornado motor sport.
When we started the car was running a relatively standard Rover V8 3.9 engine using the standard Hot-wire fuel injection. the transmission consisted of standard four speed auto out of the Discovery and transfer-box from a Land Rover (lower ratios for better acceleration etc.)
The car however, does not retain this configuration for long as we add and modify things incrementally as we break bits and the budget allows.
Insanity-2 in it original livery above
Insanity Too in the new 2018 colours at the Welsh Hill Rally.
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