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Car Specifications/technical data

Insanity "Too"
  • Land Rover Discovery 1 Chassis shortened at the front and rear with most of the outriggers etc. cut off.
  • Tornado Roll Over Protection System (cage) and body panels.
  • Engine; Rover 3.9 V8 hotwire fuel injection
      • Viper Cyclone. a high lift camshaft,
      • Main bearing stud kit, ARP
      • Cylinder head stud kit, ARP
  • Engine; Rover 4.6 V8.
      • Megasquirt MS2 Engine mangement.
      • Viper Cyclone. a high lift camshaft.
      • Cylinder head stud kit, ARP.
  • The engine has been moved backwards towards the center of the car by about 18"+ 46CM
  • Land Rover V8 Airbox & paper filters mouted on the rear bulkhead
  • The fuel system consist of;
    • Facet "lift" pump
    • Supplying a 2 litre swirl pot,
    • This then feeds a high pressure Bosh Style fuel pump.
    • Finally the fuel pressure is controlled via a Sytec adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
    • All fuel lines are stainless braided with Aeroquip joints
  • All the water pipes have been replaced with Silicone pipes Or alloy from Auto Silicone Hoses, (ASH) and the header tank is mounted on the rear bulkhead.
  • The radiator is a
    • Bespoke Allisport radiator, (Front mounted) based on there upgraded Defender 300TDI diesel unit.
    • An  18" Electric fan fitted to the radiator, controlled using a X engineering thermostatic housing and switch.
  • As part of the engine change to the 4.6 we installed a Craig Davis EWP 150 coolant water pump and controller, this also now operates the cooling fan.
  • We have added a remote oil filter and oil cooler.
    • Update Aug 2014, The oil cooler circuit (engine front cover) has been modified to remove the need for a sandwich plate, Due to the lack of clearance between the axel (diff casing) and the sandwich plate on the front cover.
  • Gear box; is a standard Land Rover R380 5 Speed Manual.
  • Rakeway single speed, fixed shaft Transfer box 16:1 ratio
  • A Rakeway prop shaft Center bearing, mounted in the front prop to reduce the excessive length due to the engine move.
  • Bespoke rear prop shaft and center shaft on the front.
  • Front, front prop shaft is a standard wide-angle prop.
  • Front axel: Standard land Rover with "open" diffs, now fitted with Ashcroft Torque biasing diff.
    • Update June 2014, the front radius arms changes for lighter (stronger) 3deg. caster corrected radius arms.
    • Update 2015    The Diff pan has been replaced with  Gwyn Lewis 4×4 heavy duty Dif pan.
Rear axels: Standard land Rover.
    •   Update Feb 2014, the rear axel now fitted with Ashcroft Torque biasing diff.
  • Axel Update 2022
    •   After braking the rear Diff both front and rear have been replaced with heavy duty Ashcroft Crownwheel & Pinnion and have been pegged.
  • The rear radius arm are a Tornado specials incorporating a ball joint removing the std. LR Triangular bushes.
  • The brakes are basic standard Range Rover Defender110  calipers and Britpart slotted solid disks.
  • Wilwood’s Combination Proportioning Valve.
  • 2.5" remote fox's (with 12" of travel) all round (from Milners).
  • 1.5:1 Howe Steering Quickener
  • Standard Land Rover Steering Damper using aftermarket Brackets From Devon 4x4
  • OMP Fuel Tank
  • TRS, Six point harnesses.
  • Motor drive seats, Pro Seats (Navigators with extra head restraints).
  • QT flat bottom Steering wheel.
  • Disk Handbrake & Caliper
Insanity (1)
Land Rover Discovery 1;
Full bodied, with the interior stripped, a full roll cage.
  • 5 point Luke harness.
  • OMP seats.
  • Engine; Rover 3.9 V8
    • Std. hotwire fuel injection.
  • Gear box; Standard Land Rover four speed automatic.
  • Front and rear axels: Standard land Rover with "open" diffs.
  • Varidamp shock-absorbers all around.

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