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Oil everywhere

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AWDC 2022 Round 8
Walters Arena
Oil everywhere?

This is less of a story and more about another change due to a failed part.
End of the season and back to Walters arena for the AJS 100 a two day event. Day one we are doing quite well and enjoying the course laid out.
Then towards the end of the day about 1/2 - 2/3 the way around we can smell burning oil, thinking that the engine has given up again we push on (see one of the pic's in the gallery). Only when we get back to the service area and start to investigate, there's an urgent shout "stop the engine" there is oil pumping out all over the floor and at this point we also realise that there is a trail of oil across the service park.

The problem;
To be able to fit the oil cooler and remote oil filter, the front cover of the engine has been modified to use existing oil ports to create the supply and feeds. One of these uses an AN-10 To ORB-8 (3/4" UNF)  90 Degree Ultraflow swivel seal hose fitting replacing the standard oil filter screw. This oil fitting at the front of the engine has either been hit by some stray debris or has come into contact with the axel and has cracked arond the seat of the screw thread?
Although the tolerances and clearance to the front axel when the suspension is fully compressed is very tight, we have been using this solution for many years and events without any problems until now!
The concern is that now having occurred once we cannot afford to let this happen again, we where lucky to catch it this time. The obvious solution would be to use a Banjo & Bbanjo bolt arrangement, however after a lot of research I was unable to find any of these that would not run the risk of  constricting the oil flow and the galleries within the bajo arrangement are quite small. A lot of internet research and hunting for alternative solutions an alternative hydraulic union  3/4" UNF 90 Degree to AN-10 union is found its made from steel so hopefully stronger to start with but the main advantage is the way it fits means the effective "height" is lower/shorter so the clearances are improved. Being a relatively cheap steel solution a little modification to open out the internal bore was carried out to improve the flow as mutch as possible. This solution looks really good and works well in the workshop environment with no apparent loss of oil pressures. the real test will be the first event of 2023.

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