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Failed Prop

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A failed Prop
Or more precisely a failed Prop shaft Centre bearing mounting.
As  anyone reading these pages will know as part of the changes to the  Transmission the front prop shaft design incorporated a centre bearing  to enable the move of the transmission etc. backward in the car and to  allow the prop to "break over" a cross member.
When  we constructed the bracket for the centre bearing we thought we had made  it sufficiently strong to cope with the forces being applied, however  this turned out not to be the case, resulting in some quite significant  damage as the bearing broke free and started flailing around under the  car during a scrabbly and rocky climb.
So what we originally built can be seen above.
What was left after the bracket failed is below.
The torque being applied through the centre bearing has resulted in stress fractures and eventual failure.
N.B.  the forces that do the damage are not in the direction you might  imagine I.E. not in the rotational or twisting movement around the prop  and bearing assembly but more of a rocking motion forward and backwards  along the length of the props.
Some of the consequential damage.
The bell housing was removed and the hole welded.
The exhaust was straightened and repaired as best as possible and the large dents in the floor hammered out.
And finally a new bracket is made up and welded into place to re-secure the centre bearing.
This final option may only be a temporary fix until stronger prop-shaft solution can be obtained.
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