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Picture Gallery 2023

In  many cases below there are many more pictures than shown on the page,  if you hover the pointer over the pictures a small scroll control will  show in the bottom right hand side of the screen allowing you to display  more pictures, or just double click an image and use the left right  scroll feature.
Insanity Too
AWDC (All Wheel Drive Club) 2023 season

AWDC 2023 Round 1
(The first of the 2023 season)
Walters Arena, South Wales

A new season racing with AWDC.
After a nervous start on run one, being the second car off the line for the day. We felt we had made a  good start even with a sticky throttle cable for the second half of the  lap. Run two was uneventful and the confidence started to increase.
Run  three and we where really starting to enjoy the really good challenging  course, it was starting to  dry out and the water splashes where  getting decidedly more "Gloopy" with the mud sticking to the screen and  getting harder to clear, however, on the final corner of the lap and  going into the finish strait the driver goes to select 3rd... Nothing  there, OK just missed the gear, try again, still nothing there back into  second and it instantly becomes apparent something is very wrong.  Limping across the finish line it is very apparent the gearbox has spit  all its teeth out. so the car is back on the trailer and we are  spectators for the rest of the day. Very disappointing as it was a good  and exciting course.
AWDC 2023 Round 2

Clouds Hill, Bovington

A  venue we enjoy, it is however very tough on the car, specifically on  the brakes. The course laid out had a bit of everything including two stretches of wide concrete road that where very fast, there where also long gravel straits,  tight twisty woodland and the Roller coaster undulations that this site has a reputation for. the surfaces where a mix of soft wet sand, hard dry dusty tracks and large "puddles".
We  started this round with an untested replacement gearbox, so the main  target was to finish the event. We where changing the rear brake pads  every other run, but that was the only work we had to do the the car  during the day. Run 1 proved to be more exciting that necessary as the  newly fitted wiper blades did not clear the screen properly making  visibility for the driver very difficult. Generally a very good fun and  exciting day with good results.

AWDC 2023 Round 3
Ebbw Vale, South Wales

A  really hot sunny weekend in south wales, fantastic course, Fast  technical and a lot of fun. We where not especially fast here amongst  other thins we had a couple of laps with some unexplained issues where  the engine decided to rev to full throttle for no apparent reason, and  went into one lap with the engine running very hot so we took it steady.  
AWDC 2023 Round 4
Minehead, Devon

Another  hot sunny weekend for the Minehead event and again a fantastic course,  technical, tight and twisty and a lot of fun. A relatively uneventful  day for us, unlike many others meant we came away First in class and  tenth overall.
AWDC 2023 Round 5
Walters Arena< South Wales

A  very large field of cars made for a busy day. The weather for the  morning was very good with the course drying out and evolving during the  day, however a thunderstorm in the early afternoon changed things  dramatically. Dry tracks turning into rivers of water. We ended up 2oth  over all, but Had really enjoyable day on a very good technical and  challenging course.
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