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Picture Gallery 2011

In  many cases below there are many more pictures than shown on the page,  if you hover the pointer over the pictures a small scroll control will  show in the bottom right hand side of the screen allowing you to display  more pictures, or just double click an image and use the left right  scroll feature.
Insanity One
Nescliff 2011
Our first attempt at competitive racing we turned up as total novices not really knowing anyone nor fully understanding what we about to do. At no point however did we feel left out.
We started at the back accepting we were not going to be "quick" and deferring to the faster cars (not wanting to interfere with their championship) the course was dry with a variety of surfaces including a couple of deep "bomb holes" it was during the first day in one of these holes we had our first incident when hitting the bottom a little too hard the windscreen popped out and gracefully fell across the bonnet. The marshal came running across concerned not understanding why we were laughing so hard, however, all was well and with help and advice from the scrutineers we were able to continue, having acquired googles etc. to run without the windscreen.
The next day the fun continued as we built confidence, unfortunately during the day it became apparent the car had a weak spot were the rear radius arm connects to the chassis.
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