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Developments and changes
The   winter Project 2016/7
The seats
This year the winter modifications are more about   comfort and confidence, however what started as a simple list of   "upgrades" and changes turned out to be a considerable amount of work   leaving very little unchanged in terms of the interior space transmission   and exhaust system.
Durring the chnages made around the transmision I have also desided to upgrade the seats;
This is the final piece of the jigsaw in terms of Sourcing all parts to compleate the planned changes, buy  and fit new seats. I had already decided that I was going to fit a pair of Motordrive seats as many people had said that they where good seats.....
   So we spent some time during the Autosport show in January 2016 discussing and selecting all the options for the seats. Over an hour and a half making sure every detail is correct , this is the level of attention to detail you will get from Motordrive.
Absolutely brilliant!
This is what the old seats looked like once removed from the car, they have done good service as these where origonaly fitted in Insanity-1, however, they arre now showing  some sighns of use.
The new Motordrive seats fresh out of the packaging.
The embroidered logos look good in the team colours.
The new seats & Seat mounts delivered and fresh out of the packaging
And the seats located on there new mountings before any of the new floor and transmission tunnel is fitted.
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