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Fuel tanks

Developments and changes
One other little thing that seamed to repeatedly cause trouble over the years hasbeen that for some reason I kept having issues with the fuel tanks and during the event at Ebbw vale it became apparent that another fuel tank had developed leaks.
This was the first fuel tank , note that it is bolted directly to the floor Via some Pillars.
I have learnt that this does not allow the tank any free movement and subsequently the tank will fail.
The staining on the tank indicates that its the welding that repeatedly fails on these desighn of fuel tanks. This was the third tank fitted to the car in the space of a year. Suffice to say I did not replace the tank from the same supplier after this!
Another new tank now resides in its place.
This new tank uses straps to secure it rather that the brackets welded directly to the tank.
So far this aperas to have reduced the stress loads and is proving mutch more relaible.
And finally;
To allow the fitment of a spare wheel carrier to be able to enter a Hill rally event in 2018 (our first) the tank and battery box along with all the fuel pumps filters etc. have been relocated in the rear of the car.
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