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In  many cases below there are many more pictures than shown on the page,  if you hover the pointer over the pictures a small scroll control will  show in the bottom right hand side of the screen allowing you to display  more pictures, or just double click an image and use the left right  scroll feature.
Insanity Too
Welsh Hill Rally 2018
In 2018 the The Britsh Cross Country Championship was cancelled, so this year we only compeated in the 2018 Hill Rally event.
This was the first time we had as a team entered a Hill Rally with all the complexities and some small changes to the car etc this involves, however, it was a really good weekend.
This was proberbly a good thing as the engine fitted to complete the prevous seaon turned out to be "A bit week" and with the good weather and high tempeatures we had over the weekend it all contibuted to an engine that ony just compleated the event, blowing clouds of blue smoke and becomming very difficalt to start on the last couple of Stages.
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