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About Insanity Racing

How we decided on the team name
First an important note about the name "Insanity Racing"
This is not referring to the nature of motor sport nor anyone involved!.

Having been generally hanging around off-road events & Cross Country motor sport (sometimes called Safaris)  for many years as a spectator and marshal and being in and around the service areas helping out where ever possible, I decided I would like to give running and driving my own car a try.
The name came about because of how I felt after purchasing a car to get involved in Cross Country motor racing.  
It was while I was driving the UK motorway network with a large rented car transporter/trailer and, on my way to collect the first "Race car" with plenty of time to think. I started questioning what was I doing and why was I doing it? Is this a "mid-life crisis" or was I truly going insane? Thus the name for our new car became "Insanity", shortly thereafter we started calling our little group/team Insanity Racing.

Well years on.... No it was not insanity setting in and I do not regret getting involved in this sport, other than I should have done it sooner!
The only warning that I will give at this stage to any one else that is thinking of giving this a try is that it becomes addictive.
How we got started.
Insanity Racing is a cross country (or off-road) race team originally started as an experiment! to see;
"If I liked driving in cross country motor sport events".
Having been on the sidelines for many years I felt I had become familiar with the format and I had started to get to know some of the people and as at least a partial result of a family memeber purchasing a Rally experiance day.
I purchased my first car a Land Rover, Discovery 1 (Insanity) and I went about preparing the car and  myself to enter a "British Cross Country Championship" event.
At the end of 2011, I entered my first event, joining the last event of the BCCC season at Nescliff, as a clubman entry with the help of a "brave" and experienced navigator.
This event proved to be a lot of fun and taught me a lot about both myself, the car and our capabilities, sometimes exceeding both.
Later we built a new car.
It looks like a Land Rover, It uses a lot of Land Rover parts, however, It's not realy a Land Rover any more.
"Scrutineered, signed on. Chillin' out in the sun!"
"New gearbox tested."
"Ooooo my. The immediacy of power delivery is going to take some getting used to!"
This was us at the 2018 Welsh Hill Rally, on a very hot weekend at Walters Arena, South Wales.
If anyone has any photos that they are willing to contribute please feel free to contact us;
See the contacts page
or you can have a look at the team Facebook page for current updates.
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