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Insanity Racing
An Amature Motorsport Team

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About Insanity Racing

How we decided on the team name
First a key point, the name "Insanity Racing" is not referring to the nature of motor sport nor anyone involved.

Having been around off-road & Cross Country motor sport for many years as a spectator and marshal and being in and around the service areas helping out where ever possible and after I was given a rally driving day as a gift, I decided I would like to give running and driving my own car a try.
The name came about because of how I was feeling after I purchased the car to get involved in Cross Country motor racing.  
It was while I was driving the UK motorway network with a large rented car transporter/trailer and, on my way to collect the first "Race car" with plenty of time to think , I started questioning what was I doing and why was I doing it? Was this a "mid-life crisis" or was I truly going insane? Thus the name for our new car became "Insanity", shortly thereafter we started calling our little family group/team Insanity Racing.

The only warning that I will give at this stage to any one else that is thinking of giving this a try, is that it becomes addictive  very quickly.
How we got started.
As has already been said; Insanity Racing is a cross country (or off-road) race team originally started as an experiment! to see;
"If I liked driving in cross country motor sport events".
Having been on the sidelines for many years I felt I had become familiar with the format and I had started to get to know some of the people.
I purchased my first car a Land Rover, Discovery 1 and I went about preparing the car and  myself to enter a "British Cross Country Championship" event.
At the end of 2011, I entered my first event, joining the last event of the BCCC season at Nescliff, as a clubman entry with the help of a "brave" and experienced navigator.
This event proved to be a lot of fun and taught me a lot about both myself, the car and our capabilities, sometimes exceeding both.
Over the years racing these cars we have had breakdowns, we have rolled the cars a couple of times and we have also had the joy of receiving class wins and podium places but most of all we have a lot of fun.
Later on we built the new car.
This is us at the 2018 Welsh Hill Rally, held on a very hot weekend at Walters Area south Wales.
If anyone has any photos that they are willing to contribute please feel free to contact us;
See the contacts page.
or you can have a look at the team Facebook page for current updates.
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