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Insanity 1

The cars
  I purchased my first car a Land Rover Discovery 1 that the previous owner had decided to give up after "upgrading".
The car was relatively cheap (may be a little too cheap!) and I went about preparing the car and myself to enter a "British Cross Country Championship" event.
This initialy turned out to be an unrealistic expectation as I found the chassis and body badly damaged and in need of a lot of repair, this did however gave me an opportunity to understand the way the vehicle was built in some significant detail and enabled me to add some of my own modifications and changes.
In 2012 we entered the BCCC "Trophy" class, in the now very distinctive purple livery. Still learning all the time.
 The first event of the 2012 season was at Pikes Peak and was quite eventful with a roll toward the end of the first day, embaresingly on what should have been a simple corner. I think I cliped a log or bouder on the inside edge just enough to flip the car around. Being a top heavy discovery did the rests and the car "fell over".
On the Sunday the engine started failing with loss of oil pressure possibly as a result of the roll the preious day.
The second event at Epynt, did not start well, after having replaced the engine (with a spare form a donor car) it kept stalling and feeling low on power.
We were able to compete and finished the weekend completing all rounds for the weekend, with considerable help and encoragement from other competitors.
The third event of the season was Forest Lodge in Scotland. This means a full days drive just to get to the venue.
The engine problems had now been fixed, identified as crossed wires between the water and fuel temperature sensors.
This event again provided a steep learning curve as it is largely long very fast gravel surfaces interspersed with quarries, but this was to be my best event of the season (even managing a podium place for my class).
Forest lodge has subsequently become a favourite venue even though I still find it an intimidating venue to compete at.
I like it here so much you will now also find me here in the autumn as well, at the Boarders Hill rally, but as stage set up and marshal.
The next event, number four of the season was at Radnor. This was to turn out to be our last this year and the last ever for the car.
After an aborted first run (getting stuck behind a stranded car) we went out for a second lap, it became obvious early on that we had picked up a puncture however we continued on a "little" more cautiously, however on the last major descent, a very long rough section down a muddy track, something "picked up" the back end and the car got cross rutted and rolled over completely, ending back on its wheels.
Establishing that both myself and the navigator were OK we were able to reverse the car out of the stage.
On subsiquent inspection it very quickly became obvious our weekend was over.
The roll cage in the car had done exactly what it was designed to do, however, it had become seriously damaged in the process. The car was loaded back on to the trailer and we became marshals for the Sunday.
I had already decided by this point that this car was too "tired" to compete any further and with the damage to the roll cage the car was beyond economical repair.

Due to the loss of the car we spent the rest of the 2012 season as marshals, however by this time I had already decided that I wanted to do more!
Time to start the "Project" "Insanity Too".
You can follow the continuing story of how we get on building, running the new car and all the modifications (intentional and otherwise) in the rest of this site.
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