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Insanity Too
Welsh Hill Rally 2018
Insanity Too
2017 Season
BCCC Round 1 Myherin
BCCC 2017 Round 2 Radnor Forest
BCCC 2017 Round 3 Forest Lodge
BCCC 2017 Round 4 Ceri Forest
BCCC 2017 Round 6 Walters arena
Insanity Too
2016 Season
Insanity Too
2015 Season
Insanity Too
2014 Season
Insanity Too
2013 Season
Insanity One
2012 Season
Insanity One
Nescliff 2011
Our first atempt at competative racing we urne dup as total novices not really knowing anyone nor fully understanding what we about to do. at no point however did we feel left out.
We started at the back accepting we where nt going to be "Quick" and defering to the faster cars (not wanting to interfer with there chamionship) the course was dry with a variaty of serfcaes including a couple of deap "bomb holes" it was durring the first day in one of these hole we had our first incident when hitting the bottom a litle too hard the windscreen poped out and gracfully fell acros the bonnet. the marshal came running across concered not understanding why we wher laughing so hard., however all was well and with help and advis=ce from the scruinerr we wher able to continue, having aquired gogles ec to run witout the windscreen.
The next day the fun contiues as we build confidence, unfortuanatly durring the day it became apprent the car had a weekspot where the rear radius arm connects to the chassis.

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